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After a long time,

Nakayama-san (Boss of carpenter group specialised about Temple and Shrine) and No.1 carpenter of "modern house" category in his company, Takai-san appeared.


Collected mountain-water and overflow from neighbor rice field in the "South pond", is led by bamboo gutter into the "Reflection pond" through "SHISHIODOSHI".

080331set a gutter.jpg
All together now...


Bottom part of "SHISHIODOSHI" is filled by water little by little...and head part start to nod...

"cu cko--------nn!!!" 

Stainless made holder is made by president of Search factory.

In -Takai-san's work- gazebo. + Sitting on a couch.
Look like brothers.

080331pendulum clock.jpg
Checking its horiozontality, analizing the reason (why it doesn't work), they commented their opinion as craftman.

Light a chandelier.

OTAFUKU mask looked so big at another place before, but now ...


" Yes, everything looks smaller here..." F-san says.

080331sitting room1.jpg
080331sitting room3.jpg
080331sitting room2.jpg
Relax time.

Wearing green jacket is Mitani-san at exterior work. He is now closing last stage of whole construction period.

Unbelievably calm mood. I even miss that tense mood during we were struggling with this house...

Put a name plate on those railroad sleepers erected last time.
D-san prepared brass alphabets of their name....then....

080331.jpg080331 o.K..jpg
Scatter them at random.
D-san took my ladder away...with delightful smile...

"Random" is O.K. I want some theme behind it...
"SAKURA!" D-san proposed.
Flurry of falling cherry blossoms.

All right.
Like falling from leftside upper part to rightside lower part...


A line of weeping peach trees in front of "North pond".

STARCK COUCH in between looks comfortable.


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The day

has come, to hand all the keys to client.

This house is yours, D-san and F-san, though some exterior works are left.

It does't seem real yet...

I thought this project would never end.

Here and there and over there.

Now, many kind of feeling for distance composed by achitecture
and nature and so on make the scene so colorful and rich.

Yamamoto-san, an electrical engineer, is approaching on wheelchair-way.

Because of his very very mild and warm character, I oftenly
forgot to have time to make arrangement with him, sometimes I turned back to the site from on the way back to Tokushima...

080321Ms. Osaki of apple green.jpg
Ichikawa-san's right hand...or more?...Osaki-san, wearing green shirt.

She carries anything, even if it was very heavy for men, tidies and cleans up the site around. Always appreciates great pains Ichikawa- san has taken, supports him standing behind. Her contribution to this house...it's quite immeasurable.

Apple green colored sliding door from balcony of guestroom-2.
D-san has been insisting to use this color on many parts of this house, he never gave up, and...at last...

Under part of waving roof is also pale mint green.

080321from dinning room.jpg
It looks much better with their furnitures.

Tables and chairs seem "Modern" but those are rather antique.

Such like Cool mood with inorganic materials never appear on uchino architects's work without input by someone.

"Floor heating? of course!"
In line with such a thought, using wood for floor doesn't make sence. They don't sit on the floor, they don't lie on the floor, they use couch and chair and bed. Choosing unorganic materials is, in this case... yes, correct.

But outside...it still smells like uchino architects's design. ;->

Tere is an old pendulum clock came from Holland with them.
So, where ?

It has been ticking over centuries.
They bought perfectly maintained one at special shop of this kind.

mmm...dinning room? sittinng room?

Oh! I see!!

It was a place for D-san's chair to watch around like cockpit in designing period, but we found it should be "just a space". Behind it, there is one symbolical concrete column.

It was a prompt decision.

We asked Mitani-san who has been visit this site daily to complete garden works.

He is digging a hole for a hanging bolt.

080321pendulum clock.jpg
"When I was a child, in a church, big pendulum was ticking always.

Sorrounded by this sound, I felt revealed.

We have been admired like "nice sound" "Mmmm..."

080321pendulum clock.jpg

Suddenly it stopped ticking.
D-san looks confused.
There are some gears and shafts inside. It's so simple.

"We have to wait untill it recalls how to tick by itself."

080321sitting room.jpg
sitting room

Positions of furnitures are going to be settled down.

080321Arched shoji screen.jpg
"Curved shoji screen (both sided)"between dressing room and inner valcony.

It was designed with glass blocks at first. It was changed into shoji screen like this because "cost control" was needed at the moment of contract with C.C.

Now I feel it's much more suitable to be here to explain "why" this house is situated in Japan.

I tryed to put a glass plate under a "pulpit" in front of the screen. They bought this glass plate for laying under a stove but no use anymore.

"It looks like art-museum-technique"
D-san looks bored...

This pulpit is a "fake" of traditional designed one.
I was so surprised when I tryed to lift it. It's made of sheets of plywood.

Zebra striped couch on this side of the pendulum (photo above)
is "Biedermeier" one.

People living in a certain kind of "class", not real rich, petit bourgeois.
D-san says "It's their taste. Made of imitative materials, ugly, exaggeratly designed furnitures and surroundings. "

These funny things like "fake""ugly" were turned to be another objects by D-san, who always says "Too much makes sense sometime".

I, as well, don't be admired of "just a beatiful, smooth, modern something", tend to put some friction, spots on beautiful things. I really nod my agreement with D-san's thought.

Then, answers after struggling were all "agreements", not compromises as solutions. I never felt such arrangement talk as a stress, thinking back on what happened on the way.

Time to hand keys.

D-san gave a final speech expressing their gratitude mind.

"Certain it".

Something they have been feeling all through construction period. It can't be counted by money. Something asks nothing in return. Those "certain it" completed this house, and it will never disapear. It remain the same as long as our life.

D-san's speech was full-filled by such a "thanks words".

There were so many crisis which could stop whole process. But D-san's speech had enough energy to blow everything away.

D-san couldn't continue to read sometime.

Ichikawa-san started to talk his ... certain it... quietly.

"we have been consentrated to do what's should be done".

Tears trickled down his cheeks.

Everybody know it.Then all the workers and Ms. Osaki could follow you, Ichikawa-san. Me too.

Am I too cool? No tear spilled out.

These three years seems just a second compare to "Sakawa life" start today.

Well, here you are.

memorial photo

"heart rock"looks smaller than before?

080321fixed point observation No.40.jpg

080321making fence.jpg
I could not leave LANDHUIS a while, talk with Ichikawa-san and Osaki-san observing them making fense.
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What's this?

This is a base for name plate...


Brass alphabets of their name will be fixed on it.

"Different height, position, random anyway" they said.
O.K.... but I think a rule for "random" is needed.

Can you see that D-san and F-san come out and meet us.

D-san is standing one step behind of F-san, of course ;-)

This area used to be an entrance from the pubric road.
D-san want to put concrete bench here as a retaining wall
called "THE BUTTOCK GALLERY"! Don't miss it!!!

we are talking about the position of a spot light which works
as security light. It light a lamp itself automatically when somebody approach the house.

Inside of the house...

Terrazzo kitchen is completed!

above it...

Fan cover of the range.

Only one of those pipes is connected to outside, of course.

Original designed fire place and sitting room.

Looking from outside, Mm??

Four-sided mirror!

Best height? OTAFUSU-mask on the east wall.

Walking out to the terrace...

A couple in gazebo.

Is there something hanged beind them?

It is a bird house came from Holland!

Same shape of this gazebo. What a coincidence...

Trying to control the drainage water of the reflection pond...
We found that three carps are already living here...

We have to stop them not to go out through drain pipe.

D-san is stopping the leaking from the hole at the bottom of this pond, by his heel!!

They say this is very populer there to dry clothes.
Looks like up-side-down umbrella. Its name is "Rotery dryer"

Where it should be?

All agendas and works are nearly finished for today.

Relaxing in the large terrace.

"Well, The day of "THE END" is coming at last..."

I was afraid of these word to hear but naturally
somebady mentioned...


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Original designed

fireplace was built in the sitting room.

It was strange when I saw it first time, but now, after piping
with the chimney, it's all right. It is settled down, so to say.

Large terrace in front of the dinning room is undrer construction.

This terrace must be nice space!

The gazebo next to the large terrace is almost finished.

It also need some treatment to stop swinging.

Four colmuned structure easily start to spin without something stabilize it.


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