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Colours of the

sitting room.

D-san and his spouse F-san and me are discussing
about it.

D-san wears blue, F-san yellow, and me green...
Yes, I'm going to mix them into one colour, nice!

Agaist D-san's argument "pink",
I proposed the colour system which should controll
this space, according to "four symbols" thought.

This is the chinese thought indicates aspects and
surroundings of flourish capital city.

Adopting conditions of the great city like Chang'an
/into each walls and parts of this sitting room
and surroundings outside ...

EAST : Azure Dragon=blue=flowing water
/mountain stream, kitchen

WEST : White Tiger=white=big street
/road, inner balcony(corridor)

SOUTH: Vermilion Bird=red=lake,sunkun place
/reflection pond,garden

NORTH: Black Tortoise=green=hill
/mountains adn hills

Yeah? Exactly this room is corresponding to that rule!


I explained the story using this drawing.

Round wall in the left on this drawing, D-san insist
"pink", but it must be coloured white because this
wall is a symbol of "White Tiger".

Another round wall above, must be painted green.

"Hummmm.... " after deep thinking a while,

"It is a kind of dicision whether we accept your
definition or not."

"What do you think?" D-san asks F-san.

Thankfully she agreed at once.

"Alright Uchino-san, we follow you."

Bookends of the shelves on the right, would be
coloured light blue.

071126coloured wall.JPG
Two walls this side=green.
Bigger one over them=white.

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I have a feeling...

071126North side.jpg
I've seen this scene before...?

Phoenix? no no, gateway to the shrine?

Standing in the mountain valley, having mountain
at its back, this house produces Japanese landscape
like shrine in the forest.

I'm convinced by myself.

Inside of the timber curtain wall in the center is

071126Dolf space.jpg
D-san's study.

Thick cider wood counter will be set here.
Nakayama's carepenters are forming it out of fat
raw timber which Nakayama-san has got fortunately.

Round wall in the sitting room. A space for couch.

"Hello there chair" is showing its
pink colour fleetingly.

D-san says

"How about to paint this wall p...."


I succeeded to bring them over to my point of view
with a drawing of "COLOUR BASIS".

071126south side.jpg
Sunny side of the sitting room.

This side as well timber curtain wall is done,
getting easier to measure the scale of the space.

"Light drop windows" above look not so bad.


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Insulation work

071118south wall.jpg
of the cocrete part has started. Then 6 sided isolation
is going to be completed. Siding board and Paint-spraying
work will follow that.

071118full open terrace window.jpg
On the south end of DAYWING, full open terrace window.
Wooden slide door, screen door against mosquito,
sliding shutter will be drawn into door cases on
both side.

071118a dimple.jpg
I asked carpenter to cheek a dimple...

On the entrance of the guest room (Japanese style),
laminated cider wood needed something not smooth...
she must be smiling!

This is the tokonoma-post of the guest room.

It had beed used as tokonoma-post in some tea-room
for long time. Nakayama-san found it. Of course D-san
knows how it looks in advance by photo.

It is thin but well grown pine.
I felt a kind of cool energy inside.

We are talking which direction he want to face?

Temple-shrine carpenter Sasaoka-san,
electric engineer Yamamoto-san,
Ground work superviser Mitani-san(L to R).

One slow sunday afternoon.

071118from the other side.jpg
From the other side of the valley.
The roof looks floating, waving its mysterious shape.


Among all the furnishings which came by ship over a
great distance from Holland...

071118 hello there.jpg
This is one of a couple of chairs, going to be put
in a dressing room.

It reads "Hello there" on its back and seat part.

"Well, How about to paint round wall in sitting room?"
D-san said...



Color may destroy everything, may complete the house.
I'ts impor------tant!!!

I will report color study process next time.
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Both wings

071114fromsouth west.JPGare getting their final shapes.

interior as well・・・

071114ceiling of dinning room.JPG
Ceilin of dining room. Waving roof shows its body.
A stove will be set under the concrete gate.

071114north border.JPG

The north garden, where the the place they are going to spend calm time. But drivers and walkers can easily get in the way of their rest. We are talking how to build a kind of fense to avoid them.

These weeks things are going well, we are getting sensitive
anout outside belongings.
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