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Interior works

are getting busy.

Scaffoldings in the sitting room.
Looks like Piranesi's print.

A fleeting space, composed of naked concrete wall, ceiling, and galvanized scaffoldings.

I will never design interior with such cold materials.
I felt so cool and clear atmosphere entering this room, although it is a "strange space" for me.

How to manage these spots on the ceiling...

"Light drops windows" on the upper wall of the wide open window of sitting room.

Water proof works is almost completed.

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waving roof.

Roof covering way to make this shape beautiful, considering cost, isolation, durability, we found the best one" DN- sheet method".

Discs placed along radial shape. Finishing sheet and foundation will be connected through these discs using DN-bond.

Northern edge of the roof. How to join concrete part and wooden part? Doing it simply and just naturally doesn't make noise, does't show the power of this roof.


Bend timber bars, ink on the structures, observe it in the distance, adjust it a little... again and again.

"RIGHT" shape will apear, I do believe.

South pond, Mr.D is taking care of, is growing lives.

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Strong rain

like a typhoone has gone...

Blue sheets prepared very carefully by ICHIKAWA C.C. and carpenters in advance couldn't stand against that unexpectedly heavy rain...

It left bigger damages than our expectation.

Timber bars, fixed on blue sheets to avoid be blown away by strong wind, turned to be a kind of dam. Rain water sinked into the roof through nail holes during long time raining little by little.


Peering sheets, we found that 30% of whole roof was wet.
We saw some puddles on forming isolation on roof boards.
Some boards looks swelled by water.

We had to take all the wet boards, dry things inside of the roof, put new boards instead.

We are going to finish this roof by special kind of sheet called DN-sheet. We decided to put temporary roofing under DN- sheet to keep roof structure dry until completion of water proof works even if strong rain came again.


It's all right!

We chacked the awful situation in the morning and they restored it and finished temporary roofing until evening.

So admirable, isn't it?

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A skeleton for

roof board is almost ready.

Scraping purlins to adjust the height of the top of rafters,
Beatiful wave appeared

Put net on the ceiling.

It will be a bottom for cellulose fiber isolation.

From the begining, Mr.D repeated again and again,
"isolation" "isolation" "isolation" "typhoone" "earthquake",
"isolation" "isolation" and "isolation"...

6 face (4 walls + roof + ground) isolation is usual in his country. Windows are always triple.

"Enough isolation, less energy"
The biggest theme about basic function of this house.

Double isolation.
Cellulose fiber will be filled innner side of the wall and the ceiling. Outer side will be covered with Styrofoam board under the finish part.

It reminds me his words...

" O.K. when you think it's enough, do it always double about isolation"

They look having a long talk.
Topics are... isolation, fireproof and waterproof around the chimney there.


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Rafters are

making the shape of the roof clearer.

Rolling like ocean!

Narrow part on the north end

is getting its form like this...

Shave bigger parts into separated curved eaves boards.

This carpenter is spending all his time about this.

North view from a distance.

By the way, after long time grappling with earth,
Well digger succeeded to strike good one today.

Once they thought they did but water didn't come out enough.
Some time big rock refused be digged.

This one is the second well of this house. Last year they already stroke one, but by observing the water level of it during dry season, we found that water shortage might happen.

Well digger couple is offering special kind of green as a token of their gratitude.

They look very happy!

They...working with earth...naturally have deep respect
for nature.

So mysterious. It looks like the hole connecting this world
with the womb of great nature.

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