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These are...

metal parts between structural core made of reignforced concrete and timber beams. Today is a day of inking on
concrete wall of its positions.

Awfully hot!

Carpenters are working under a blazing sun...

The night wing side was in the shade of the wall
in the morning but now...

Afternoon, day wing side...
I am sinking down to the concrete floor...

Another view of the day wing.

From the left end to the right,
It will be covered by wavy timber roof,
Dinning room〜kitchen〜backyard, etc..

Ichikawa C.C. made a "No outdoor footwear allowed." sign.

Yes, Japanese and the picture means so, but
English means...

Mr.D laughed

"It's O.K.! Everybody can understand!
Using English, it is sweet!."
He like it very much.

This is the back view (for me).
Actually, this is the front face from road side.

Well, the erection day is coming!!

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