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On the starting day of construction, we visited neighbors to let them know about us and our project. Then this time, one of those neighbors gave us an advice that “it’s better to explain draining of dirty water to us.” Before septic works start, we visited them. We expanded the area to visit larger than last time to make sure. Clients + Ichikawa C.C. + me visited around with some data to explain our system of dirty water drainage system. “Put dirty water (feces and domestic waste water together) into high quality septic tank called ISHII system (clear stream’s fish can live in it’s treated water!). We sprinkle treated water over our kitchen garden.” Almost of them had no objection but a few of them had that. One of them had no ear for us. “ At first, it’s too late to come.” “ We have no water works in this area.” “ Even if it was well treated, there is no guarantee that [It will never be mixed with our well water.]” “If you drink treated water every day, I will accept your system.” “Otherwise, I will pour our shit on your new well every day.” “Household effluents do not matter.” …and so on. He complained for hours.

Client Mr.D stated that “I freeze all the activities at the site of LANDHUIS. This moratorium will never be lifted without satisfying and acceptable solution for us.


Ichikawa Jr. and piping company staff came to my office in Tokushima and had discussion about new system to convince opponents together. We found new system which doesn’t pour any drop of treated water of feces from our land to surroundings. Re-use treated water as flashing water of toilet and recycle it again and again. “Closed system” so to say. Increased water in the tank will be drawn up and be carried to the processing plant. Domestic wasted water will be treated by second septic tank made for that kind of water and treated water will be discharged into the river.


We visited that opponent house again. He agreed in main line about the system. But “It can’t be permitted by me solo. You must visit all the neighbors again.” He told us stories about water problems of his legion for long time again.


Mr,D called on the town mayor to control the situation by sending e-mail.
…We’ve got no response yet. Contents were…”The domestic rule says [Treated water after septic tank must be discharged into the lower reaches or must be drawn up. Domestic wasted water doesn’t matter.] I have to let you understand how unreasonable it is and municipality’s attitude leaving such a wrong situation as it is. And, when I recognize that you don’ have any will to take care of this situation, I will consider to never-ever come to your town, leaving unfinished concrete mass as a monument representing cowardice, irresponsibility and indifference.


We visited town hall to talk with persons in charge about dirty water. We explained dirty explained dirty water stories. They said, ”Keep carry on along original plan ignoring whatever they say.” “You didn’t ask a member of the town assembly, it’s your mistake.” “Official financial assistance for septic can’t work for this case because this assistance system is limited for combination type septic tank only (feces and domestic wasted water together).” “We understand your sense about environment and the spirit of this assistance system have to help you, I know, but… rule is rule.”

We reported to clients about the above at their house. We confirmed each other to keep stepping ahead on our own thought (what we think it’s correct). Ichikawa sr. said “We want to invite you to LANDHUIS again, we will do anything for it. We are going to take care of the extra money caused by this crisis.” in English. Then the signal was starting to change to green.


We visited all the neighbors again. The opponent suggested us to hold a meeting all together at one time. We agreed.


One of the friendly neighbors Mr. Y offered his house for meeting. Client F-san attended there. She told his spouse’s serious sense about natural environment, and domestic cultural friction between them and this area very gently. Atmosphere of the meeting was so softened by her mild attitude. All the attendance agreed with our new system. And it was confirmed that the absentees have no right to complain about this decision.  A particular document has to be signed by all the inhabitants.

The final system

Feces will be treated by high quality septic tank called ISHII system. Treated water by that will be used as flashing water of toilet and recycle it again and again. Then, increased water will be drawn up and be carried to the processing plant. Domestic wasted water will be treated by second septic tank and be discharged into the river.


Piping for discharging treated water into lower reaches of next legion cost so much (more than 100m!). And… we can’t agree with the thought like “I don’t care about another settlement.” Drawing up feces in old way (without treating) smells much and may causes hygienic problems. They are discharges domestic wasted water into their own fields and land but we can’t follow this style. Considering the influence against the nature, it’s much much worth than treated water of feces.


The original system was conducted by Mr.D’s global consideration about environment. Treated mixed dirty water (feces and domestic wasted water) would be sprinkled over kitchen garden. He concerned about neighbors health and peace as much as possible. The final system doesn’t run counter to his original spirit. It is satisfying to us as technical experts.


We explained to neighbors and clients whenever it was needed, of course original plan was correct, we did nothing wrong. I behaved all through this crisis on such a thought. But in the end, looking back all the process, we can’t deny there were better ways. We had enough time to talk with them while planning period, before construction. It was caused by a lack of considerations for neighbors, in a sense. I will be more careful in future.

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